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So who does the shaping?

Quite often when someone tells me something about their church or their faith I can pretty quickly and usually safely assume a few things about them. It’s true that some of them are stereotypes and prejudices I’m willing to admit. [Always try to make sure that our preconceived notions about the world and others don’t keep us from enjoying life as it comes our way. Ideas and especially people.] Recently though it’s reminded me of a blog post by Donald Miller. He asked does your personality influence your theology. In my own words it made me wonder…

Are people drawn to a religion based on the shape of their soul or do we fall into a religion and then they shape our soul? I realize this can’t really be answered with certainty, but I wondered what others thought. I discussed it with a few friends and they all seem as confused and provoked as I.

In some ways I believe our religion shapes us. Where we are born often will decide what faith we take on. Whether born in America or Japan, small town or urban city can greatly influence how we will believe and what our opinions will look like. Being brought up in a religion and culture will make many of us who we are.

In some ways I believe our soul shapes our religion. Looking back at my history I can see that even though my upbringing taught me a particular way with specific beliefs, my soul wasn’t comfortable until I found a way to believe that resonated within me.

I’ve found this question really interesting lately. These are the things that run through my head. Feel free to join the late night thinking.


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All the LIES

Last night I started watching the X-Files. Yes, I’m aware I’m a little late on this one. When it was on, I tried watching it several times, but I never caught on with it. My guess is because I was a little too hyper. Amber on the other hand loves the show and likes that I’ve started watching it on netflix.

The poster in Agent Mulder’s office is pretty great.  I’ve always enjoyed sci-fi and so I immediately thought it was a charming poster. Then I got to thinking about the opposite. Not about what we believe or need to believe, but about all the lies that we actually do believe.

Have you ever thought about all the lies? The lies we believe. The lies we tell ourselves? The things that we believe about ourselves or others that simply aren’t true, but because we believe them we are in some ways imprisoned. The people in my life that tell themselves that they aren’t going to work this job for long. They are going to quit and pursue their life long dream of [insert person aspiration here].

I want to believe. I want to hope. Sometimes before we can believe or hope, we must come to terms with all the lies.

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