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New beginnings…again.

I’ve officially started working for Granite Ridge Builders as a new home specialist. I really can’t express how excited I am. After working the past few years at a job I was just simply thankful to have, I’m now working at a job that I’m eager to learn and that uses the skills and gifts that I already possess. I am beyond grateful for the start of a new season of my life. Only a few days into the job and I feel so much more awake. Able to partake in happiness and to love those around me. 


Quattro Systems will continue to be an important part of who I am and what i do as well. Working for Jason Spuller has been such a great part of my life back here in Fort Wayne. He’s become more than a boss to me. He’s a trusted friend and a part of the friends that make life beautiful for me. 

Thanks for all of you who have kept encouraging me and praying for me as I’ve moved through this last season of my life. 


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