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Burden of a gift


We can’t run from our burdens. Each of us has been given simple gifts. Things that we do well. If we run from a gift, than we aren’t being true to ourselves and in some way are actually doing a disservice to those we love and the world around us. I’ve been wondering about my gifts and if I really know what they are. Maybe what I have thought were my gifts, really were vanities and distractions. In times like these, I seek the wisdom of the sages. Or at least the wise people that I know and that know me. I’m trying to clarify gifts and be sure that I don’t run from them.  I want to embrace my burden and make it mine.

I’m a believer that in life, we go through seasons. Lately, I’ve been in a season of silence, perhaps a dark night of the soul. Trying to see what’s next. I feel like i’ve accomplished a lot in 40 years of life, but I know I have not reached the end of the potential that life has to offer. I guess I’ve been looking for a vision of what goals to set, for myself and for my family.

I know that being a good father and husband is the most important thing I can do, so I’ve started there. Trying to be sure my family is able to share my journey in faith. Sharing sacred time with them on a weekly basis and being intentional to spend quality time with each of them regularly. From here, I’m now looking to see what other pieces can be added that will make a meaningful life.

“We’re looking far away, what we really need is here.” – Night is Electric

Reading: the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
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Top 10: New Year’s Resolutions All Men Should Make

I’ve shared here before that I have mixed feelings about New Years Resolutions because so often people make them knowing in their heart that they will not really follow through with them or lack the resolve to do so. I also think that the idea behind resolutions is a good idea though because to take time to reflect on our lives and decide to make some changes is a wonderful thing, something that shouldn’t be done only once a year though. So with that being said, I found this article at and thought it was worth passing on because I think that each of the thoughts are things that should be considered often in our lives.

Top 10: New Year’s Resolutions All Men Should Make.

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