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Give this thing a try.


Tonight is the first night of my summer project. I’m going to try to write a book. Since I enjoy writing I’ve talked about writing a book for some time. Although it has been a serious consideration, i’ve never come close to putting forth any real effort.  I’ve joked about the different books I’d like to write and their wonderful titles. Titles like 101 things a youth director should never say to their students, How to be cool and still be a Christian, and I’ll stop saying it when you stop laughing. 

This past April I was having a conversation with a close friend of mine about sexual relationships and dating and made a comment about wanting to write a book about the subject and he actually challenged me to do it. Of course i don’t know the first thing about writing a book so i just smiled and continued. He said that he was serious and that i should just try to write for an hour on the topic every night and see what i have at the end of the summer. Not to be concerned about whether or not the subject matter was the same from night to night or not, just try to get down thoughts and opinions about the subject and then at the end of the summer, see what I have. I’ve decided to give it a shot. 

Now along with blogging and reading and running, i’ll be attempting to capture all the wisdom, foolishness, humor, and seriousness that i have on the subject of dating and sexuality. This should be interesting.



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