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What is Boldness?

Champion-of-the-universeSometimes I hear people use the word boldness and I’m almost positive they would be better off using the word arrogance. Working with people of faith on a regular basis I hear language that says the gospel message needs to be shared boldly. In case you are wondering, the gospel message as discussed in Christian circles is the “good news” that God loves us so much that He has made a way for peace with Himself, others and creation through His son Jesus Christ. So my question is what do people mean by sharing the gospel message with boldness? If it means that I’m not embarrassed to say that I trust and believe in the good news than I guess I understand and I’m okay with that idea. If it means that I act like I’ve “arrived” and know it all because I believe the “good news” than I’m really confused. Somewhere being bold and unashamed to share my beliefs about the good news even though it might not be accepted, has been replaced with arrogance about my beliefs in view of the beliefs of others. God’s love and grace cannot be seen in us when we act as if we are better than others. The good news can only truly and honestly be expressed in the stories of God’s grace in our lives that help us through our sin, pain, and daily adventures. My question for today is…am I arrogant about my beliefs or do I share them without being embarrassed and with humility? May God’s good news be communicated clearly in the way I live my life.


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DR 2009 Video

DR Video 09

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Quick Vent Session.

 “Our government is supposed to be working for us, we are not to be working for our government. It’s our will to be imposed on them.” – Sarah Palin, Alaskan Governor.

I hear this a lot on conservative talk shows and television lately. What exactly are people trying to say by this? I believe it is an assumption that what they, conservatives, believe should be held in the highest regard above others. An assumption that what the government is doing is NOT representing it’s people.

When we say that government should be working for us it does not mean that government should do whatever it is that we personally believe. That’s not how democracy works. Democracy is not based on one person or one groups opinion, but on the diverse opinions of all of us brought together. Our government is not some freakish monster, it is people. People that are representing our thoughts an opinions. Feel like they aren’t representing you well? Get out and vote or contact your representatives. The government is working for us. Sorry if your opinion is not in the majority. 


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Coping skills.

Just though I’d share a quick update on some of the ways that i’ve been coping with the death of my friend, Ben Schone. For the past two years, I’ve been seeing a great therapist to help me grow as a person and to work through issues that I believe have held me back from being all I can be. Needless to say, I’ve really appreciated my time with him since this has all happened. I know my self well enough to understand that this definitely wasn’t going to be something that I was going to be able to just hide deep down inside and not deal with. I chose early on to confront my sadness head on and try to learn from what my emotions and pain could teach me. That being said, here are some of the ways that I’ve found effective in helping me honor my friends memory and move through my grieving process.


First, I bought a pair of shoes that reminded me of him. Chuck Taylors. I was already considering buying a pair for the summer, but knew this would be a way for me to remember him daily as i got dressed and to say a prayer for his family, our friends, and to seek ways to honor his memory that day. 

Second was to listen to music that reminded me of him, and to check out music that I remember him wanting me to listen to. Ben was a huge Muse fan and so I’ve listened to more of their music. I’m also very excited  that Muse will be opening for U2 when i see them in concert in October in Atlanta. I look forward to enjoying my favorite band and his together in one great night of music. 

Last has been watching South Park. Although I have found bits and pieces of South Park funny in the past, I’ve also found it to be in bad taste from time to time and so never really became a fan. One of the things that I remember Schone doing was impersonations of characters from the show. In particular Cartman and Jimmy were two that he could really get me laughing with. I watched the episode called Krazy Kripples the other day and smiled the whole way through. It was like hearing Ben sitting next to me again, doing his impression of Jimmy.

I know people deal with grief in many different ways and with much different timing. Hopefully in some way this can encourage all who have lost loved ones to find ways to remember with fondness the people who have left us too soon.

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Give this thing a try.


Tonight is the first night of my summer project. I’m going to try to write a book. Since I enjoy writing I’ve talked about writing a book for some time. Although it has been a serious consideration, i’ve never come close to putting forth any real effort.  I’ve joked about the different books I’d like to write and their wonderful titles. Titles like 101 things a youth director should never say to their students, How to be cool and still be a Christian, and I’ll stop saying it when you stop laughing. 

This past April I was having a conversation with a close friend of mine about sexual relationships and dating and made a comment about wanting to write a book about the subject and he actually challenged me to do it. Of course i don’t know the first thing about writing a book so i just smiled and continued. He said that he was serious and that i should just try to write for an hour on the topic every night and see what i have at the end of the summer. Not to be concerned about whether or not the subject matter was the same from night to night or not, just try to get down thoughts and opinions about the subject and then at the end of the summer, see what I have. I’ve decided to give it a shot. 

Now along with blogging and reading and running, i’ll be attempting to capture all the wisdom, foolishness, humor, and seriousness that i have on the subject of dating and sexuality. This should be interesting.


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