About iZZy

IMG_4590figuring some stuff out…
Some people think they’ve got things figured out, but i’m just moving through life and taking it all in. Trying to make sense of it.  Hope i can encourage you to smile and think.  I’m a salesman and DJ/Emcee by trade. Love music, sports, movies and books. Follow me on twitter @izzytheone.


4 responses to “About iZZy

  1. “First we make our habits, then our habits make us.”

  2. Becca

    Ha ha. Hey Izzy! You told me to look at ur blog so I did!!! Hope ur having a good weekend with the retreat! See you at church 🙂

  3. Catherine C. Osborne


    Hey kiddo. Just spent time with Justin. I love you Young Men, Soldier’s of Jesus, so much. Please know that Momma Kitty has been around long enough and through enough to know this….Jesus is cradling Ben in His arms, at this very moment, and holding him tight. There is no more sorrow, there is no more pain…Remain steadfast in your Faith and go Serve your Lord….
    Keep an eye on my friend, Justin.
    Let me help in any way I can.
    I have time.

  4. Izzy, why aren’t you blogging anymore?

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