Quick Vent Session.

 “Our government is supposed to be working for us, we are not to be working for our government. It’s our will to be imposed on them.” – Sarah Palin, Alaskan Governor.

I hear this a lot on conservative talk shows and television lately. What exactly are people trying to say by this? I believe it is an assumption that what they, conservatives, believe should be held in the highest regard above others. An assumption that what the government is doing is NOT representing it’s people.

When we say that government should be working for us it does not mean that government should do whatever it is that we personally believe. That’s not how democracy works. Democracy is not based on one person or one groups opinion, but on the diverse opinions of all of us brought together. Our government is not some freakish monster, it is people. People that are representing our thoughts an opinions. Feel like they aren’t representing you well? Get out and vote or contact your representatives. The government is working for us. Sorry if your opinion is not in the majority. 



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2 responses to “Quick Vent Session.

  1. Nathaniel

    I hear this same stuff almost DAILY at work. It is frustrating, because I can’t say anything back. Very well put.

  2. I used to think I couldn’t say anything either Nathaniel, but sometimes it’s good to be honest, ya know. Helps people start thinking outside of their evangelical bubble (that’s where I am). I appreciate a good conversation of different views. What I’m not a fan of is assuming that I believe something based on my faith (christian). That’s a real bummer. I speak up more these days.

    Peace, Love, and imposed wills 😉


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