What is Boldness?

Champion-of-the-universeSometimes I hear people use the word boldness and I’m almost positive they would be better off using the word arrogance. Working with people of faith on a regular basis I hear language that says the gospel message needs to be shared boldly. In case you are wondering, the gospel message as discussed in Christian circles is the “good news” that God loves us so much that He has made a way for peace with Himself, others and creation through His son Jesus Christ. So my question is what do people mean by sharing the gospel message with boldness? If it means that I’m not embarrassed to say that I trust and believe in the good news than I guess I understand and I’m okay with that idea. If it means that I act like I’ve “arrived” and know it all because I believe the “good news” than I’m really confused. Somewhere being bold and unashamed to share my beliefs about the good news even though it might not be accepted, has been replaced with arrogance about my beliefs in view of the beliefs of others. God’s love and grace cannot be seen in us when we act as if we are better than others. The good news can only truly and honestly be expressed in the stories of God’s grace in our lives that help us through our sin, pain, and daily adventures. My question for today is…am I arrogant about my beliefs or do I share them without being embarrassed and with humility? May God’s good news be communicated clearly in the way I live my life.


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