Does our (fb) status matter?

When i was growing up, they were called chain letters. Then they became forwards in emails. Now, they are facebook status updates.

If you love God, repost this in your status to prove that you do.

If you have a great daughter, repost this to your status to let them know.

I’m more of “this” than you are cause I post “this” in my status update.

I guess all i really wonder is if people repost these things because they actually think it’s achieving something. I’m sorry, but i don’t care how many times you post one of these updates, if you don’t go out and do something, it counts for nothing. You can join groups that support your cause, you can become a fan of something wonderful, but I hope that people realize that facebook and the internet are tools that allow us to make a difference, but joining these groups and posting this updates are not such tools.

If we want to make a difference, if we really care about a cause, our actions and our resources should be involved. Wether that is volunteering your time, giving of your money, or personally saying I love you, get out and do something.

It’s possible that many people post these things and then follow through and do them in real life. (aka. tell their loved ones how much they care or volunteer for a cause) Just a quick note to encourage all of us to live life for all we can and not allow a status update to cure of us of the guilt that comes when we haven’t done enough. Actions speak louder than words status updates.

Examine our lives, Celebrate our loved ones, and Drink deep with our actions.


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