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So little faith…

Imagine that of all the moral debates throughout time, there was one that you were 100% sure that you knew the truth about and there was no doubt at all. If you could help advance that truth but you would have to condone 4 of the 7 deadly sins and act as if they were not a big deal, would it be worth it? In order to advance truth would you undermine other areas of truth?


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I believe there are many Christians today that have and are embracing things and people that are anti-Christ in order to try
to be the hand of God instead of being faithful
to the hand of God.

Sometimes our truth may indeed be God’s truth and in God’s plan, but if we try to force the hand of God, we are in reality showing a lack of faith. Be faithful and patient as we trust God’s timing and try to share truth with love and grace.

Reading: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle
Listening to: Sia – Everyday is Christmas


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