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Stuck in or out of style.

My wife is a stylist. We enjoy having discussions about hair styles, whether that be about someone we come across out and about, or styles we have seen watching the Oscars. We sometimes joke about what kind of hair styles we have had in the past and what we may do someday if we ever have the guts to try something crazy. While observing people in their natural element or even someone on a TV documentary, I wonder how someone is still wearing a hair style that was popular from the 1980’s, back when I was a child. Maybe the person doesn’t care about style at all, or maybe is just a bit oblivious to it? ANIMEHAIRSTYLES9Now being a guy, I fully realize that I have it easier in many ways when it comes to style and fashion. I could probably get away with really changing my hair style twice in my lifetime and still stay pretty current. Women however, probably have to change 3 times in 3 years. I’m not sure about that last statement though, you should consult my wife on that one. I once heard it said that personal style usually reflects the year that people consider the best year of their life. Have you ever noticed this to agree or disagree with it? I have, and I’m starting to believe this theory. Although I’ll never be fully in vogue with modern fashion, I do like to pay attention to current with fashion. Within my comfort, I even like to experiment with fashion. I hope this fact is pointing to the fact that I don’t believe I’ve achieved the best years of my life yet.

I heard a song recently that was talking about how everything was so much better in the old days. Not really an idea that is out of the ordinary. Even last week a friend spoke about how things were so much better when he was growing up or even in his parents time.  Was everything really better in the past? I guess my first questions is always “for whom or for what people group.” Many people tend to grab ahold of this idea. Nothing like “the good ol’ days”. I don’t ever want to get to the point that the things that I’m most excited about are stories about how things used to be. I mean, I do enjoy reminiscing about the past from time to time, but I hesitate to embrace nostalgia. My goal: to live in the present and plan for the future in light of the past.  I want to live here and now and try to embrace everything about this time in my life.

I guess I just want to encourage us to live a life that acknowledges the past, remains mindful of the future but embraces the here and now. Be active and make a difference today and even learn something new from the world around you. Fear of the future, cynicism of the present and grasping for nostalgia will never make the world a better place. Make a difference today and everyday.


Listening to: Chris Stapleton / Traveller
Reading: Finding God in the Ruins / Matt Bays


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