Travel Day (DR2009)

So we have been traveling since 4 am this morning. Long day. Good news is that there were no problems at all. We caught up to the 5 people that met us along the way at different points of our trip. It was definitely a dramatic change in climate when we walked out of airport. Very humid but the sun was hidden most of the day. We traveled two hours after the airport to stop at a buffet for dinner and then jumped back in the bus for another hour and a half before we reached the compound. It was dusk already so no real sight seeing today beyond the sights from the bus. 

This team is really going to be a riot. They are very funny and so far in very good spirits. We’ll see how we do after a few long days out in the sun working with the children. Tomorrow we’ll have a breakfast at 8 am and then head out to church around 9. I’m looking forward to waking up and actually taking note of my surroundings. I think right now it’s easy to feel like we’re not really out of the country. Most of the interaction has been with our group and so getting out and about tomorrow for the church service will be exciting. We’ll be walking to the church tomorrow as well. So tonight is time to catch up on sleep and get ready to get up and started on our adventure tomorrow. 

P.S. Going to try to get up and run in the morning. Elliot is my roommate for the week and should help me to have a little more motivation again. Plus running in the Dominican Republic is such a drastic change in scenery.


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