The body (DR2009)

Today started out with a beautiful run into town. It’s about 2 miles and it’s one of the sights that really stays with me long after I leave here. The mountains still misty from the morning fog and people doing early morning chores along the way to the town square. One of the things that I notice through out the day is that people throw their trash anywhere. I also notice in the mornings that you’ll find everyone out sweeping in front of their houses and shops. There’s something interesting about those two things coexisting that I haven’t quite wrapped my mind around yet. 

We went to a church service after breakfast. It’s always interesting to be in a church service in a different culture. Listening to styles of music and the styles of singing is interesting and beautiful. As I listened to the sermon I noticed that it would be very easy to compare the style of speaking to many preachers I’ve come into contact with growing up. I wonder if preaching leads itself to a certain style or if we learn that preaching should be done like this. I consider one of my gifts to be teaching, so I tend to think about this a lot. Why do I teach the way I do? Am I emulating my mentors and favorite teachers? Do I teach the way that I learn best? Probably a combination of the variables. 

This afternoon and evening was spent getting our supplies ready for our week of VBS with the people here. Getting snacks together, sorting through the items that we’ve brought down to help the mission and the people here. Then it was getting our VBS lesson together. This year we are talking about how we are the “body” of Christ as we reach out to share God’s love with one another. Each person has certain talents and abilities and that we should find them, develop them, and use them. So our “craft wizard” Mikki has made wonderful props that represent mind, heart, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, legs, feet, arms and hands for us to have fun showing that each of us have our roles. When we work together we are able to do so much good, but when we are trying to be something we’re not, or being divisive it makes life so tough. At the end I’m excited that we are going to take time to bless each student with the encouragement to “use their gifts”. 

noe-israelToday I also was able to put together a little “care package” that I’ll be able to share with the student that I sponsor through Solid Rock Missions, Noe Israel.(pictured) Notebooks, pencils, markers, flip flops, a beanie toy, and some bubbles was what I was able to gather up for him. I’m looking forward to getting a chance to meet him, connect with him and hopefully brighten his day. I plan on showing him a few card tricks, maybe teach him a few and then giving him the deck as well. I’ll definitely get a picture of he and I spending some time getting to know each other so I can have a more personal touch when I look to remember the little guy that I’m trying to help. 

The only downer is that the weather forecast for the area is rain…all week. I really hope that it rains at opportune times, meaning that we’re able to spend time with the kids. 

So here’s to hoping that I can learn from my time here and find some inspiration and motivation to be the man I want to be and make a difference in the lives of those that God brings my way.



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2 responses to “The body (DR2009)

  1. Have a great week. Play in the rain if necessary.

  2. you are not here to lead Journey this week Izzy, but through this blog you have reminded me of how I can fill one of my roles through my “gift” of gab. har har….
    #1 My goal for this week should be to work on this diaper plan Rachel and I were talking about.
    #2 I am praying for you guys.
    lots of love to all of ya,

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